Bissell Crosswave 1785 Review
Bissell Crosswave 1785 Review
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Bissel Crosswave 1785Features of Bissell Crosswave 1785:

  • Includes Smart-Touch Controls Function
  • Two-Tank Cleaning System
  • Cleaning Solution Function

Bissell Crosswave 1785 User Manual

Having problem? Download Bissell Crosswave 1785 instructions.

Pros & Cons of Bissell Crosswave 1785


  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Two Tank Technology
  • Dual Action Brush Roll
  • Smart Touch Controls On The Handle


  • Sometimes leaves dirty streaks

Interesting Video: Testing Bissell Crosswave 1785

The Bissell Crosswave is an all-in-one multi-surface cleaner for washing hard surfaces, cleaning and freshening rug areas, and vacuuming in one easy step.

To accomplish this, the Crosswave uses a dual-action brush roll and a special multi-surface cleaning solution that removes debris, spills, and sticky messes as it goes without having to sweep or clean beforehand. And while you’re cleaning, you simply need to touch a button on the handle to seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to vacuuming and washing your area rugs. All the while, it’s two-tank technology keeps clean and dirty water separated.

Bissell Crosswave 1785 Cleaner

After taking a look at Bissell’s website, it seems reasonable to believe that the Crosswave might clean better than a sponge mop and bucket, and in less time. But does it really deliver an unbelievable clean? Is it a groundbreaking cleaning device?

Bissell Crosswave vacuums and scrubs at the same time

Usually, when assessing the cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner, there are two things to consider: Suction and agitation. The Crosswave, however, is not only a vacuum cleaner, as it uses a cleaning solution in the cycle. So it’s more closely related to a carpet cleaner. The suction power of the Crosswave is around 100 to 150 AWs. As for the agitation, the dual-action brush roll, which works on both hard floors and area rugs, spins at 3,000 RPM. This provides enough cleaning power to help you tackle virtually any type of floor from hardwood up to low pile carpet. The input power pulls about 4.4 amps of power when running, so energy-wise, this is a very efficient and effective product for normal day-to-day or week-to-week usage.

Bissel Cosswave Cleaner 1785

Water tanks

It has a two-tank cleaning system: One for dirty water, which holds about 14.5 ounces of liquid with an automatic stopping mechanism in place for avoiding the overflow of dirty water back into your clean floors; and one for clean water and solution, which holds about 28 ounces of liquid. The dual-tank system assures that the clean and dirty water never get mixed together, and therefore adds a level of cleaning stability. Unfortunately, with a full tank, you can only cover about 700 square feet, so you will need to refill from time to time if you plan on using the Crosswave over large areas. The clean water tank has no level indicator, so you need to check it out from time to time.

How it works

Think of an upright vacuum cleaner with a turbo-driven brush roll. Now, place a freshwater container on top of the canister that will contain dust and dirty water. Squeeze the trigger to release the soapy mix across the brush roll, and suck it all up in one go. That’s the essence of the machine.

Bissel Crosswave 1785 works

Some of the cons of the machine

It takes more time to use than you might think and doesn’t really provide any time savings when compared to a traditional mop. The softer rollers don’t clean as effectively as some other wet-dry vac models. It uses up a lot of cleaning formula.


The Bissell Crosswave is not the ultimate two-in-one cleaning machine, but it is a worthy appliance. Many don’t rust or use any product that claims to do two things at once. Usually, there is always one or the other which is lacking. But this is not the case here. The Bissell Crosswave does exactly what it says it does, and thus it eliminates the need of owning two or three separate cleaning instruments. The fact that all you have to do when you are done is to unsnap the tanks and to dump them simply is a great time saver for families who are way too busy to tote a bucket or dustpan from room to room. And the sleek design ensures that if it is stored somewhat out in the open, it doesn’t provoke a horrible eyesore.

Hello, my name is Tara and I am a housewife. I like when my house is clean and I have bought a spot carpet cleaner recently. i’m going to share my experience with you!

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  1. I think this is a pretty good deal given the Bissell Crosswave 1785’s smart-touch control functions and two-tank cleaning system. It’d be so handy to go straight from hardwood floors to vacuuming and washing area rugs, all with the same swivel head Bissell. This is a helpful review of the cleaner.

    1. Hello, Sam! I absolutely agree with you. It’s a multipurpose cleaner because you can use it on different surfaces like hardwood or carpet.

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