5 Best Mop Heads for Waxing Floors
5 Best Mop Heads for Waxing Floors
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Rubbermaid Universal
Looped ends
Launderable up to 50 times
65% cotton/35% plastic
Looped ends
Machine washable
Choice of color
Microfiber Damp Mop
12-pack of microfiber
Machine washable
Polyester and nylon
AmazonBasics Cut-End
Double looped-end
Large mop head
Natural cotton
AmazonBasics 6-Pack
One-year warranty
Post-industrial cotton
Choice of color

Mop Head Cleaning Instruction

Have you ever wondered if the mop you were using to clean your floors was spreading germs around instead? This might be true if you are not cleaning your mop properly after each use. You will need white vinegar, hot water, lemon juice, the sun, or non-toxic green laundry detergent, white vinegar, a washing machine.

After you are finished cleaning your floors, rinse your mop thoroughly in hot water and a cup of white vinegar. Repeat until water is completely clean. You can also rinse in plain warm water, then soak the mop head or microfiber pad in full-strength lemon juice. Don’t rinse, hang outside for the sunshine until it dries for maximum disinfecting power.

But the most effective way to clean a mop head is by tossing it in the laundry. After cleaning your floors, rinse surface dirt off with hot water, then remove the head and toss in the wash using a non-toxic green laundry detergent with a cup of white vinegar. Wash mop heads and microfiber pads separately from your usual laundry on the hottest setting.

Video Tutorial: How to Strip and Wax A Floor

Hello, my name is Tara and I am a housewife. I like when my house is clean and I have bought a spot carpet cleaner recently. i’m going to share my experience with you!

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  1. I have never needed anything fancy or expensive when it came to a mop head. Looped ends that were machine washable always worked before for me. If it was still cheap, microfiber materials were nice for certain floor surfaces. I have always bought them on Amazon with next day shipping.

  2. To be completely honest, all of these mop heads work great. You can’t really go wrong with a mob head; however, my personal favorite out of these recommendations is the Amazon Basics one. I’ve found that all Amazon Basics products work wonderfully and I fully support them.

    1. I agree so much! The Amazon Basics mop heads have been great. I’ve been using them since I got a mop and have no complaints. I completely recommend them as well!

  3. The Amazon Basics 6-Pack is literally the best mop head pack you can get because it comes in a 6 pack. Therefore, you won’t have to buy more mop heads until way later in the future.

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