5 Best Grout Cleaning Brushes
5 Best Grout Cleaning Brushes
4.8 (96%) 10 vote[s]
OXO Grips Grout Brush
Perfect for cleaning
Tough bristles
Non-slip handle
Rubbermaid Grip
Clean effectively
Tough nylon bristles
Durable construction
Flo-Pac Grout Brushes
Durable nylon bristles
Remove mold & mildew
Amazer Scrub Brush
Durable Bristles
High Quality
Comfortable Grip
Grout Cleaner Brush
Strong Scrubbing Comfort
Easy to clean
Comfortable Handle

Forget about residues when it comes to cleansing grout thanks to special brushes. My good friend and colleague, Peter, hinted at the idea for this very specific review. He had a funny story about cleaning grout. To cut a long story short, it took hours without a good brush. That’s why we bought about a dozen of America’s favorite grout cleansing brushes and tested them for a week.

In such a way, we were able to specify the most important features of every product, compare the prices, and choose the best product based on these tests. Voila, we received one of the most unbiased reviews for SpotCarpetCleaners! Check out what we have picked.

Top 4 picks of grout cleaning brushes according to SpotCarpetCleaners:

  • OXO Grips has tough bristles and a non-slip handle that we absolutely liked;
  • Rubbermaid Grip seems to have a very durable construction;
  • Flo-Pac is BPA-free and good for mold removal;
  • Amazer Scrub can also boast top-notch bristles and a convenient grip;

Key criteria for selecting the grout cleaning brushes:

  1. Strength – choose, depending on how dirty your grout is. Perhaps in your case, a milder solution will be more favorable;
  2. Type – different types of grout require different solutions and brushes for cleanup. Some are designed only for kitchens or showers; some will be good only with marble, some work with any type of slurry;
  3. Application – the simplicity of use is very important, why to use hours for cleaning, when you may spend only a few minutes. Bear in mind that good brushes should work with all types of grout cleaners – sprays, pens, gels, etc.;

I would also recommend applying the brush with an already tested solution and without any colorful additives. Otherwise, the nasty spots will remain on a brush. Please, leave the feedback about your grout cleaning brush. We would like to know your unbiased opinion!

Video Guide: How to Clean Tile Grout Quick, Cheap and Easy

Hello, my name is Tara and I am a housewife. I like when my house is clean and I have bought a spot carpet cleaner recently. i’m going to share my experience with you!

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  1. These are all great grout cleaning brushes. I’ve cleaned far too much grout in my time, so I’ve come to know what to expect in a good brush. Tough bristles, non-slip handles, and durable construction are essential. You’ll be putting a lot of energy into scrubbing. Anything that isn’t made well will fall apart fast.

  2. Grout is one of the hardest things to clean in the world. Well, not really; although, if you don’t have the right product you may be sitting there scrubbing for an eternity. With any of these brushes, I’m sure the time will be minimized and you’ll have the grout gone in no time.

  3. Amazer Scrub Brush is the best product if you are looking for a premier grout cleaning brush. I haven’t found anything better than it. I highly recommend getting one if you are looking to remove all the dirt and grout.

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