5 Best Floor Wax Removers
5 Best Floor Wax Removers
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Trewax Instant Wax Remover, 32-Ounce
Instantly removes wax
No offensive odors
Good for Hardwood Floors
Concentrated formula
1 Gallon
EcoClean Solutions
Ultimate Floor Finish & Wax Stripper Remover Non Corrosive Concentrated
1 Gallon
Lundmark High Power Wax Remover
Instantly removes wax
Simple easy
Zep Floor Stripper
ZPEZULFFS128 - Zep Floor Stripper
Instantly removes wax
Vinyl, Ceramic and Board
Easy to Use

Choose the Best Floor Wax Remover

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Floor Wax Removers

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57.89% of users selected Trewax, 15.79% selected Trewax 1 Gallon, 5.26% selected EcoClean Solutions, 0% selected Lundmark and 21.05% selected Zep Floor Stripper. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Being on a floor and carpet cleaning business for a few years, I must say that floor waxing is still extremely popular. Floor waxing is an excellent alternative to varnish. Usually, a wax mixture is an environmentally friendly product without unpleasant odor, so it is absolutely safe for human and pet lives. Wax penetrates wood floor without forming a sticky layer on the surface. But if you decided to change the floor covering material, for example, to varnish or paint it, the wax should be removed from the surface.

In this particular case, I can recommend using professional floor wax removers. Opt for all-natural remedies that contain powerful components to scrub off the old layers of wax without damaging the floor. Only after using one of such removing substances you will be able to apply a new layer of paint or varnish.

I always give advice – buy a wax remover made by the same company that produced the floor wax and wash it off the surface strictly according to the guidelines.

Major properties of good floor wax removers

Despite the brand, you should buy a floor wax remover that can effectively remove old waxy substances from hardwood floor – polishes for the subsequent application of new lacquers or other protective coatings.

Opt for a concentrated composition with very low consumption – most manufacturers recommend using their solutions each time before polishing the parquet for better effect. The product must be universal when it comes to application, but it also must be produced specifically for all types of wooden floors: solid board, parquet, modular and artistic covers. No harmful effect on wood should be provided.

My top 3 of floor wax removers

After a few weeks of tests and consulting with my colleagues, I can recommend such solutions if you need to remove old wax from the wooden floor:

  1. Trewax is an instant remover, contains no unpleasant odors;
  2. Trewax – another product by this brand in a one-gallon container. Very concentrated and it is perfect for hardwood floors;
  3. EcoClean Solutions is also very concentrated, non-corrosive solution in the one-gallon container;

I would also recommend such removers as Lundmark and Zep Floor Stripper.

How to use a floor wax remover?

Dilute the product with water (follow the guidelines). Apply to the surface to be cleaned with a brush or special roller. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Thoroughly remove the mixture from the floor with a clean, damp cloth. Wait until the residue of the cleaning solution evaporates from the surface. For heavily soiled areas and removing wax stains, use the undiluted mixture. Once it is dry, the surface is ready for the application of other products.

Video Tutorial: Hardwood floor wax removal & refinishing

I hope my tips and recommendations will help you solve the problem of wax removal. Please share your experience – were the mentioned remedies useful for you? Make sure to leave your feedback and suggestions for new guides on this website!

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