10 Best Carpet Sweepers
10 Best Carpet Sweepers
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Fuller Brush
Color: Black
Dimensions: 10x7x38
Item Weight: 2.4 lbs
Bissell Natural Sweep
Color: Silver
Dimensions: 10.5x9.5x43.2
Item Weight: 3.35 lbs
Bissell Perfect Sweep
Color: Driftwood
Dimensions: 8.2x12.8x43.5
Item Weight: 4 lbs
Bissell Sweep-Up
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 7.8x11x42
Item Weight: 3.15 lbs
BISSELL Swift Sweep
Color: Red
Dimensions: 9.25x8x46
Item Weight: 3.5 lbs
Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3
Color: Black
Dimensions: 12.5x9.6x2.6
Item Weight: 2 lbs
Color: Black/Silver
Dimensions: 11.6x5.8x2.7
Item Weight: 3 lbs
Shark Ultra-Light
Color: Lavender
Dimensions: 5.5x17.8x13
Item Weight: 7 lbs
Ontel Max Cordless
Color: Multi
Dimensions: 13x7x4
Item Weight: 4 lbs
Swivel Cordless Floor
Color: Red
Dimensions: 15.2x9x3
Item Weight: 2.8 lbs

A constant barrage of customers coming in and out of the door each day means sand, gravel, salt, mud, and other debris making a mess on your floors. When you are in a hurry, you might find pulling out a vacuum three or four times a day a problem. If you have a room full of customers or staff, then moving a heavy sweeper is cumbersome and tricky. If you are a busy parent, then you may find the 10 products on our list today handy tools to keep around for times between vacuuming. They are light to maneuver and fit flat against the wall for better use of space.

Who needs floor sweeping tools for daily use

In this Top Ten Buyer’s Guide for Best Carpet Sweeping Tools, we compare the details for each item. From nurses to business executives and homeowners, a quick and handy cleanup tool can be useful. If you find little messes bothering you often, then you might like using one of the sweepers on our list between thorough cleanings. When your sister or friend from church calls to say she is on the way over, then you might like how fast you can clean up any lint, hair, or other tidbits on the floor.

Are you a parent? If you have little children, then pulling out the vacuum every time a bowl of pretzels or Cheerio’s hits the floor may be impossible. A quick running of one of these surface sweepers may make the day progress better without the extra load on your back. From hotel lobbies to garages and school rooms, a quick dirt busting tool might become a go-to item for any individual.

Fuller Brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet and other surface Sweeper – Best Compact Sweeper Model

Fuller Brush 17027Fuller designs products with the use of100 years of experience in manufacturing to develop cleaning items to fit in close quarters, are versatile, and hold up under constant use.

When you live in a small apartment, saving space and finding room for all your household items may take some adjusting. If you find yourself running out of room for the basics, then you might like the flat folding design of this floor sweeper.


  • Lightweight
  • Vinyl bumpers
  • Safe for all flooring types


  • May not work well for large or heavy debris like litter or gravel

With a tough frame and durable vinyl protection, the Fuller sweeper stands up to long days of collecting dust and debris. At a size less than ten inches wide, this compact tool will fit in the most slender closets.

Bissell Natural Sweep Floor Sweeper – Best Environmentally Friendly Carpet Sweeping Tool

Bissell Natural Sweep Floor SweeperDo you prefer to buy household products using recyclable content? Is avoiding PVC materials important to your family and lifestyle? You may find the Bissell Natural Sweeper is a good purchase because it uses no non-recyclable plastics.


  • No bags or disposable liners
  • Multiple floor coverage
  • No touch dirt collector
  • Four sets of bristles in the corners to clean edges


  • One of the heaviest products on our countdown

The soft bumper material protects your valuable antiques and prevents scratching the furniture. The dual brush design collects smaller debris like lint while handling heavier items like beads, gravel, or cat litter.

Bissell Perfect Turbo Sweeper – Best for Longest Use Carpet Sweeper

Bissell Perfect Turbo SweeperDo you have rugs or carpets with a high pile? Do your messes seem to wiggle deep into the flooring making it difficult to remove unless you use a vacuum cleaner? The Bissell Perfect gives your cleaning that little extra boost to pick up all the mess.


  • 60 minutes of cleaning without recharging the battery
  • Dirt container is accessible sitting on the top of the unit
  • Electric sweeper makes gliding it across rugs and between flooring types effortless


  • Individuals must make sure the unit switch is in the off position or the sweeper will not charge
  • Heavier than most items on our list

A light gives you a quick visual of the status of the sweeper. When the power is full, the light will shut off automatically. Smoothly go from carpet to hardwood floors to pick up fine dirt or larger particles at the same time. You might find the bending handle makes it easy to maneuver this sweeper under toolboxes, desks, and coffee tables.

Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper model 21012 – Best All-flooring Sweeper for Affordability

Bissell Sweep-Up Cordless Sweeper model 21012Do you find little messes aggravating? Do you want an easier way to clean up bits of lint and pieces of paper? Do you find yourself pulling out the vacuum cleaner several times a day? If you are looking for an inexpensive way to remove small messes fast, then the Bissell Sweep-Up fits the description.


  • American-made product
  • Handle design allows for horizontal positioning to reach beneath couches and heavy furniture
  • Safe and light enough for children, older individuals, and people who cannot use a regular vacuum


  • May need to secure the grip on the handle to prevent it from coming off during use

When you need a cleaner to collect fine dirt and lint, then this Bissell sweeper might work best for your needs. This product stores behind doors, in slim closets, and beside cabinets and appliances. The dust collection cup empties with one simple motion, so there is no dust bin to remove or touch.

Bissell Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B – Best One-Touch Empty Floor Sweep Tool

Bissell Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201BAre you constantly trying to keep the classroom clean? Do you need cleaning tools that are efficient enough to fit into your hectic routine? You might find the slim design of the Bissell Swift Sweep convenient for getting around obstacles like chair legs.

When you need a sweeper that you can use between lectures or art class with little ones, then this tool could be a suitable pick.


  • Metal frame
  • Slender design fits in small closets and thin spaces like beside refrigerators
  • Roller brush instead of bristles


  • Brush does not reach the edges
  • Hair might be difficult to remove from the brush

At over 43 inches long, the handle on this sweeper might be more comfortable for taller individuals to use than some of the products on our top ten list. The narrow base of the sweeper allows users to sweep between table legs and next to bookcases.

Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 Cordless Sweeper – Best Lightweight Electric Sweeping Tool

Do you or someone you know have arthritis, back issues, or trouble using heavy cleaning equipment?

Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 Cordless SweeperIf you think a light sweeper can make cleanups between regular vacuuming convenient, then the Bissell Sweep Up might be a good pick. When you are recovering from surgery, a handy tool that fits weight restrictions will give you some independence and keep your space tidy.


  • Safe for use on all types of floors
  • Flattens out to navigate under large furniture items
  • Two pound weight


  • Two rubber pieces on the sweeper base may make it more difficult to push across hardwoods – may need to move rubber around

With seven brushes, you may like how well the dirt, dust, and other debris come up from multiple surfaces. The broad sweeper head speeds up cleaning time when you have a large mess or are short on time. With no electric, this cleaner is environmentally safe and helps consumers keep down carbon footprints.

OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper – Best Floor Tool for Easy Bristle Cleaning

OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel SweeperAre you constantly cleaning up after Fido? Do you have little ones who make messes all day long? You might find the quick-release bristles let you get back to chasing kids and pets faster. Removing pet hair may be a quick chore with this carpet cleaning tool.


  • A third more power than previous OnTel sweeper models
  • Four brush technology spins brushes at 4,000 repetitions per minute
  • Two-pound weight


  • Cannot leave cleaning tool on the charger past full charge

With four brushes, the cleaning power of this little sweeper is double the average sweeper. You might find fast mess removal is no problem with this OnTel product. Dumping the dirt only takes a quick press of a tab.

Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Floor Cleanup Tool – Best Editor’s Choice Carpet Sweep Up Item

Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch Rechargeable Floor Cleanup ToolWhen you are gardening, it is nothing to let loose and make a mess of potting soil, decorations, fertilizer, and water. Crafting with the kids can leave bits of paper, glitter, ribbon ends, beads, and other objects littering the floor.

Reaching these objects is not a fast job when they get under the furniture. If you find everyday tasks leaving your floors a mess between vacuuming, then the Shark Ultra-Light might be your top choice for quick cleaning jobs.


  • Folding center handle
  • Works for fine dust and larger items like pebbles, sawdust, and metal shavings
  • Over one and half quarts of dirt collection room


  • Not a good idea to leave in the outlet past full charge – will diminish battery life because it uses a lithium ion battery

The electrical brushes provide enough power to pull in rocks and larger debris like soil, mulch, and wayward screws or nails in the shop. Two speeds of operation make the sweeper a good choice for large or small messes and areas. If you work in places where water gets on the floor constantly, then the rubber strip along the edge may come in handy.

OnTel Swivel Sweeper Max – Best for Corners Dust Sweeping Tool

Do you have pets with long hair? Do you have several furry critters running around the house all the time?

OnTel Swivel Sweeper MaxYou may like how easy pet fur and hair come up from your floors with the four brush system on the Swivel Max from Ontel. The brushes clean up with a few swipes after taking them off from the sweeper.


  • Two-pound total weight
  • Safe for every flooring type
  • Bristles come out to reach the hair better


  • Requires batteries

If you work in an office with many cubicles or lots of furniture, then you may like the size of this sweeper model. The corner bristles rotate at a high rate of 4,000 repetitions each minute pulling in dirt from tight areas. Operate the dirt collection system with a little push.

Swivel Cordless Carpet Sweeper – Best Sweeper for Large Areas

Do you work in a setting where clean hands are a must?

Swivel Cordless Carpet SweeperDo you have young children you want to teach how to clean up after themselves? You might like the Swivel cordless sweeper for the easy tab release on the dirt container. No removing dust cups and emptying with this model floor cleaning tool.


  • One of the lightest products on our Top Ten Best Carpet Sweeping Tools List
  • Pole flattens to get a level surface for cleaning under objects – no bending
  • Four brushes ensure dirt and larger debris come up quick


  • Only operates for three-quarters of an hour on a full charge

If you work in a large area, then you might like the size of this sweeper. At over 15 inches, you may feel this cordless product is the most useful item for warehouses, shipping and receiving areas, and schools. Since you can make fewer paths with the Swivel model, running the cleaner only takes a minute.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Carpet Sweepers

Floor cleaners are helpful products for when you want to clean up a mess without doing a deep clean. Whether you want one for home or work, these items are light products and fold up to fit against the wall. In this portion of the post, we answer typical questions consumers ask about these surface sweepers.

Will these products pick up animal fur

Yes, however, some sweepers are better for this job than others. We suggest going with these options to get optimal results:

  • Fuller Floor Sweeping tool
  • Bissell Sweep Up
  • OnTel Swivel Sweeper
  • Bissell Natural
  • Shark Ultra-Light Cleaner
  • How do you choose a product for cleaning up fine materials

Usually, the sweepers for cleaning up fur will work for lint, small dust particles, and powders. If you are a messy cook, then you might like the Bissell Natural a helpful choice because it is environmentally safe, light, and does well picking up small materials. The Fuller Sweeper is another excellent option because of the medium size, and it takes little effort to move the sweeper across floors.

Which sweepers work for small particles like dust and bigger objects like cat litter

While you can use any of the items on our list to pick up bigger particles, you might like our two favorite pet food and litter removers for the small stuff. The Bissell Natural Floor Cleaner is a no electric product using all recyclable materials. The Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo will hold up for an hour of continuous cleaning to pull up larger messes and for deeper pile carpets. Bissell creates products for picking up animal litter and debris, so these products are our top pet mess cleaning tools.

Do the floor tools lay down flat to reach under furniture

The Bissell Sweep-Up design makes it easy to lay the sweeper flat on the floor to reach under low objects. If you have a problem bending, then we suggest you consider getting a Shark Ultra-Light 13-Inch sweeper or the Swivel Floor Sweeping Tool. The handles on these products fold down to a 90-degree bend to keep you from reaching down to the floor to reach under the furniture.

Which sweepers work for big loop carpets and high pile rugs

All the products on our list will clean plush materials, however, we have a few favorites for these carpets. If you want a basic model, then we recommend the Bissell 2101-3 Cordless Sweeper. This sweeper uses seven brushes to get to the bottom of the mess and pulls the debris up and away from the carpet or rug. Otherwise, we like to go with a motorized option like the Bissell Perfect Sweep. If you want a wide base for quicker cleanups, then we suggest going with the Shark Ultra-Light. The Swivel Sweeper is a great choice when you need more cleaning energy. The power behind these tools provides the effort necessary to move the loops and get to the carpet base for a thorough cleaning.

Video Tutorial: How To Use Manual Carpet Sweeper

Final recommendations

If you are looking for a sweeper that you can tuck behind the door, then any of the non-electric Bissell models like the Natural product will work. When you need a deeper clean or want more than a simple mechanical sweeper, the OnTel Max Swivel and the Ultra-Light from Shark are some of our favorites. Our list includes cleaning units with no touch emptying, double the brushes, edge-cleaning technologies, and items that reduce stress on the back to consider on this list. To select the right product for your needs, you might want to look at the pros and cons lists for each item and check out the comparison chart in more detail.

Hello, my name is Tara and I am a housewife. I like when my house is clean and I have bought a spot carpet cleaner recently. i’m going to share my experience with you!

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  1. I work in hospitality and having a good carpet sweeper is so important! We have so much sand and debris tracked into the lobby! It’s a constant battle keeping it clean and tidy.

  2. I do not own a carpet sweeper. The concept is neat, but assuming I have a vacuum or other cleaner, why would I need to invest in a carpet sweeper? Is this some sort of alternative product? I think I’ll stick to a vacuum, though I recall a family member using on of these growing up .

    1. Hello, Sam! Thanks for your comment. You should buy it because it’s very effective. I recommend Bissell Natural Sweep.

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