5 Best Carpet Cleaning Wands
5 Best Carpet Cleaning Wands
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American Extractors
GlideMaster Stainless Dual Jet S-Bend Carpet Cleaning Wand
60" length / 12" wide
Splash guard
1.5" Diameter tubing
American Extractors
Carpet Cleaning Wand- Stainless Steel Stair Tool / SUV Upholstery Wand
1200 PSI rated brass valve
29" Length
1.5" Diameter tubing
Cecame Cleaning Tools
Carpet Cleaning Wand 12
Good for portable extractors
Splash guard
1.5" Diameter tubing
American Extractors
12" wide
Slotted glide
Easy to Install
Cecame Cleaning Tools
Carpet Cleaning Wand 12
12" Slotted glide
Splash guard
1.5" Diameter tubing

Recently my vacuum cleaner lost its wand – a long pipe attached to the hose. There is a funny story about how I lost it, but the point is I had to look for an attachment that will do by size and functionality to my device. The choice wasn’t that easy as one may think. That is why I decided to create a review of the best carpet cleaning wands – to make sure my audience will save money, time and nerves and won’t repeat my mistakes. So, at first, let’s clarify the major types of these wands.

Major types of carpet cleaning wands

A vacuum cleaner wand can be assembled in two parts or has a telescopic design with a certain length adjustment. The latter option is easier to use, so I would recommend buying the telescoping wands. To make sure a vacuum cleaner is shunting during cleaning, choose aluminum wand – it’s lighter than a metal one. Also, you may want to opt for a vertical design because such wands are easier to fit in a small garage or storage room.

How to choose a telescoping carpet-cleaning wand?

Aluminum and steel attachments have proven reliability and convenience of use. Even the lower price of plastic attachments makes it impossible to ignore such a point as the durability of metallic wands. Look for the wands that have 1.5” or 3.2-3.5 cm in tubing diameter, being round. This is a standard size that fits practically old and new models of vacuum cleaners.

Top 3 carpet cleaning wands I recommend to buy:

  1. American Extractors offers an attachment that is 60” long and 12” wide, it has a splash guard option and will fit any vacuum cleaners with 1.5” diameter tubing;
  2. American Extractors is another attachment with the same tubing parameter, though it is much shorter. It has a 1200 PSI rated brass valve;
  3. Cecame Cleaning Tools offers a wand for portable extractors, with splash guard option and the standard tubing – 1.5” diameter;

If the above-mentioned criteria were not enough to make the final choice of a carpet cleaning wand, please check my video. It is really worth your attention. Do you have any problems with picking carpet cleaning wands? Share your thoughts, I’d love to give advice on this matter.

Video Tutorial: Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Wands

Hello, my name is Tara and I am a housewife. I like when my house is clean and I have bought a spot carpet cleaner recently. i’m going to share my experience with you!

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  1. I am a bit of a neat freak and require a vacuum to have certain accessories and attachments on it. Unfortunately, in a recent move, our Dyson fell out of the moving truck and the wand broke off. I don’t have the money to buy another one right now so I needed to found a middle ground vacuum. Of all the features, carpet cleaning wands are probably the most important to me. My husband suggested just buying a wand vacuum to use along with the Dyson since the main vacuum still works fine. Thank you for the suggestions!

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