How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

Way To Remove Liquid Nail Polish

You want to get some acetone, so nail polish remover with acetone. So you just want to pour it on to the stain. And you want to get a white terrycloth towel, or any old shirt or rag you don’t need, and you’re going to scrub this straight up and down.

Nail Polish On The Carpet

Then the next step is to get some carpet stain remover. And you’re going to want to spray this on.

You want to spray this on after you do the acetone, spray it directly on there. And then you want to pour in a little bit of water over that, so you’re able to kind of scrub it afterwards. And this will also remove some of the chemicals once you blot it off in the next step. So that’s what the water’s for. So now you want to use a toothbrush or sponge, but that didn’t really work too well. So get the toothbrush, and you’re going to want to start off in circular motions. And as you get it in there, you can kind of start going in all directions, and you want to scrub pretty hard.

Nail Polish On The Carpet Image

Make sure to use a glove because you’re using all these harmful chemicals, and you don’t want your hands to get all dried up on you. And also use a mask if it gets too if the fumes get too strong for you. And you want it to get all soapy, and dig in there to get that nail polish off of there.

The last step, you grab the towel, and you’re going to block this, get all that excess moisture off, and we even recommend standing on it. Make sure you get much of that water off as possible.

You just want to keep repeating this until it’s gone. So keep repeating those steps like how you have been doing, and before you know it, your carpet should be fine, and the last step is to vacuum. So to get all that moisture dried up.

Way To Remove Dry Nail Polish

Nail polish has been in the carpet for a long time, and it’s dry and crispy. And as you know, using standard stain and spot removers out on the market just won’t remove it. The acetone will.

Now it’s important when you apply the acetone that you don’t pour it onto the carpeting because it could damage the backing of the carpeting. You’re saturating a towel here, and you need to push that into the stain, working inward towards the center of the stain because you don’t want to make it bigger than it already is.

Removing Dry Nail Polish From Carpet Image

You can see that it’s already starting to break up the fingernail polish.

Next, you have to take a dry section of the towel and extract the nail polish and the acetone. The dry cloth acts almost like an extractor. You just keep turning that towel to dry areas. And you can see that you removed all of the fingernail polish. Then the last step is to spray the area with an all-purpose spotter.

Take a towel, fold it twice. And you don’t need to scrub the carpeting; extract it dry using a dry towel.

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  1. I agree completely… Acetone is really the only thing that will get rid of nail polish. Nail polish is extremely hard to remove. However, I’ve never really tried to get rid of a nail polish stain off of a carpet but I’m going to try the instructions in this guide. Thanks so much!

  2. I only had window cleaner, dish soap and hair gel and it worked amazingly! I spelled bright red nail polish on a light beige carpet so at best i was hoping for it to just be less noticeable as it looked awful after I smeared it all by trying to scrub it out at first. I can’t even see the spot now! I literally had to get on the floor and feel for the wet area. Amazing. Thank you!!!

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